First post!

Hey, no one look at this! It’s not ready.

If you are reading this you may have too much time on your hands, but then who doesn’t. More interestingly, you are probably wandering here after enjoying some more current piece of media I made. I’m sorry I haven’t got anything for you this far back. This after all, is just a test post to see how this website looks with a piece of something on it.

I would have liked to have something professional to show you at this time, but I don’t. Hopefully, there is something newer on this page by the time you make it here. Something shiny an new to catch your eye. I find it strange posting things online. It reminds me of being a child and having my parents stick something I made to the refrigerator. I grew up and stopped enjoying seeing my old works on display, so I had them all taken down. I was shy. I’m shy now but less so. So, here I am with a webpage that is hopefully better than a fridge. Thanks for wandering all the way back here to the start.